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Your security is important.  Whether it’s securing your data, protecting your computer from malware and viruses, or protecting your brick and mortar location from intruders, DataTrust can set you or your business up with the latest and greatest technology to ensure that you can sleep easy at night knowing you and your data are safe, secure, and protected.  Here are a few of the services we offer, and the products we trust to make sure you’re safe.

Antivirus & Malware

While many anti virus and malware protection tools are capable of getting the job done, here at DataTrust we rely on the products created by Kaspersky, Avast, and BitDefender to keep your computer and your valuable data virus and malware free.



Your network is always prone to being attacked by undesired hackers and viruses from all over the world if you are not up to date on the latest firewall protection.  Firewalls will protect you from attacks on your network and server and keep you and your data safe and secure.  We like to use the trusted products from Dell’s Sonicwall line of firewall hardware.


Surveillance Systems

Your personal and professional security is important.  Whether you want to feel safer at home or want your business to be protected while you’re gone, a surveillance system is a perfect way to give you the peace of mind you need.  At DataTrust, we can install a surveillance system for you, and we trust the security and performance of Ubiquity Networks and their range of surveillance products.